FAQ – frequently asked questions

Which excursion goals can you recommend?

The excursion possibilities in the Harz are many, we have chosen to write about a few of our favorite places of holiday. A walk along the “Grüne Band”, which is the border between former East Germany and West Germany. Kollonnenweg is the road where the East Germanans could travel on cement roads along the entire border. Between Hohegeiß and Sorge there is a small open-air museum, where a piece of the border is preserved.

Care about 18 km south of our holiday apartment there is a small firewood burner, where many different herb naps and Germany’s only Whiskey are burned. The place is called “Die Hammersmiede”.

In Zorge is the restaurant “Die kleine Kommode”, where Christiane makes some delicious meals and her husband Ralf ensures a always friendly and good serving. The food is French inspired.

Werningerode in former East Germany is a lovely city with many beautiful buildings and a beautiful old castle, situated on a small mountain top on the outskirts of the city.

Of course, Goslar should also visit, especially it is an experience to see the famous playing game. A trip through town a warm summer evening really cozy.

Is it good to ride a bike in Harz?

There are many possibilities for cycling in the Harz Mountains – on suitable routes for both road and mountain bike. At Braunlage’s northern end it is possible to take the cable car up Wurmberg and use the downhill track of the mountain. The course is approved for international competitions, but there are also easier courses that go all the way from the top to Braunlage. In the holiday apartment it is possible to lock the bikes inside the basement. Ca. 1.5 km. From our holiday apartment there is a bicycle man if the accident should be out.

There are many marked mountain bike routes in the woods. These routes vary greatly in length and severity.

How is city life in the Harz?

They are over 30 restaurants, cafes and hostels in Braunlage. The restaurants are in all price ranges with the emphasis on good food at reasonable prices. But it is also possible to get gourmet food, bla. Have the chef at restaurant Zur Tanne got more awards and Michelin stars in international chefs competitions.

If you want to go to town there are also several nightclubs in Braunlage.

In Braunlage a number of parties are held that appeal to many different age groups.

Blue. Naked Rodeln (Naked tobogganing) in February behind the City Hall, where the city and a radio channel invite both men and women for a quick tobogganing competition, and after the competition there are party and happy days throughout the city.

Walpurgis night (Valborg evening) April 30 is one of Harzens biggest popular festivals. In Braunlage there is a party in the city’s largest and beautiful park. The majority of braunlaught residents are dressed up as trolls and witches. The city’s restaurators are all on the spot to sell some food and especially beer, wine and shots. In the middle of the park’s lake there is a scene where popular music is played. The party ends with the witch being sent to Brocken (Bloksbjerg), which is not so long a flight. Brocken, Harzens highest mountain, is only approx. 10 km. away in the airline.

The Schützenfest city shooting club organizes shooting competitions and parties and ballade. The party will be held in June – see www.braunlage.de.

In addition, there are a number of smaller parties where you can always have a good beer – including kohlentage, where charcoal is produced on old fashioned manners.